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  • metalroof@metalroof.ua
г. Киев, ул. Чадаева, 2-Б
+38 (044) 362-10-70
  • Customer: “Resort Invest Development” LTD
  • General contractor: “Resort Invest Development” LTD
  • Total area: 2500 sq.m
  • Roofing type: copper standing seam roofing, copper roofing tile
  • Material: copper (Czech)

Construction of office and community centre with commercial space, underground and adjacent parking places. Office centre roofing is done with copper standing seam. To execute roofing the largest roofing company in Ukraine “Metalroof” was invited, which has large experience in performing such type of roofing in the historical centers of Kiev and Odessa. “Metalroof” LTD is one of few companies which has license for restoration and reconstruction of monuments of cultural heritage of Ukraine.

Execution of copper roofing in historical centre of Kiev, Podol. Classical copper standing seam roofing with copper roofing tile perfectly fits with already existing Podol buildings. As “Metalroof” LTD is a direct representative of European roofing copper products we are able to provide exclusive price for this roofing material. Combination of big quantity of skilled roofers, large experience and copper low cost, made “Metalroof” LTD an indisputable winner of tender for office centre roof.

г. Киев, ул. Чадаева, 2-Б
+38 (044) 360-22-25