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"Metalroof" LTD. About the company

“Metalroof” LTD is a roofing enterprise established in 2007 on the basis of PEA (a physical person of entrepreneurial activities) Bondarenko (since 1992) to perform all kinds of metal roofing. A unique 35 years experience practice of the company’s specialists in roofing design and construction makes it possible to take the advantage of using optimal and adjusted decisions as early as on the stage of project development. These decisions, in its turn, lead to significant roofing cost optimization as well as absence of blames in the course of its exploitation. Having an extremely strong design division, a great number of experts in roofing execution, professional office, and concentrated our efforts on ultra-reliable standing seam system we became the leaders in executing standing seam roofing systems in Ukraine installing more than 10 000 000 m2 of roofing systems using standing seam technology.


To fabricate roofing “Metalroof” LTD uses only metals with superior corrosion-preventing properties namely copper, zinc-titanium and aluminum which allows to fabricate roofing in combination with standing seam technology with service life up to 150 years. Among dozens of facilities executed by our company we were chosen to perform roofing for hotels “Bolshaya Moscovskaya” (Odessa) and “Leiptsyg-Mariot” (Kyiv), Donetsk railway station (Donetsk), housing estate “Comfort Town” (Kyiv), mall “Respublika” (Kyiv), exclusive housing estate “Deribas heritage” (Odessa), housing estate "Hoffman-Haus (Kyiv), housing estate "Spectrum" (Rivne), housing estate "Scandia" (Brovary), Embassy of Switzerland (Kyiv) as well as Embassy of Estonia (Kyiv). Except this our company made near 30 roofs of churches and domes all over Ukraine and abroad. We are proud that we made roofs and domes for Konstamonitou Monastery on Holy Mount Athos, domes for Kyiv Pechersk Lavra and Saint Sophia Cathedral. Carrying out these roofing our company proved its right to be in a row with the best European roofing companies. Roofing system ultra-high quality and service life render all our roofing systems possible to conform to the highest norms and standards. It’s possible to note with certainty that “Metalroof” LTD is the only company in Ukraine performing jobs with true European quality.


Our company also performs one of the most complicated kinds of roofing, i.e. roofing of domes. Starting from 1992 we fabricated more than 50 big domes (from 3 to 9 meters in diameter) all over Ukraine and about 300 of small domes up to 2,5 meters in diameter.

Our main advantages:

  • TechnologyStanding seam technology of metal roof installation came to us from Germany. Our company is one of few companies which fully follow German technology in roof arrangement. We exclude the availability of through places while carrying out metal fixing to lathing as well as metal installing “overlapped”. All roofing joints are executed using folded seams without application of soldering or welding. For years of carrying out the job we have improved and invented new seams for assembling different roofing elements, for example, radius valleys or elements of hidden gutters.
  • Design We are making roofing projects by ourselves before their execution. We also always update already set off drawings allowing ourselves to make it cheaper generally and try to exclude the usage of wrong solutions which will lead to problems during exploitation. Unique combination of powerful design division and professional team of roofing workers enables us to execute roofing in compliance with design avoiding unnecessary material expenses. Roofing looks like “at visualization” and final drawings do not differ from the designed ones.
  • EquipmentWe use modern equipment made in Germany, Ukraine and USA to fabricate standing seam roofing. We also use our own unique machines to produce various roofing elements, for example, various kinds of roofing tiles, bent valleys and radius metal flashings. The company has an expensive machine to manufacture arched standing seam panels (there are only three machines of this kind in Ukraine), 160 ton pressing machine to blank roofing tile and snow barrier supports, 6 standing seam rolling machines, 17 benders, guillotines, beading machines and bending rolls. All this equipment is installed in our 900 m2 production area.
  • Resources As of 2023 the company has more than 100 employees among which 70 professional roofers, tinsmiths, carpenters, welders. The availability of skilled technical personnel, professional management of resources and system approach in business enables us to fabricate roofing of any size and complicacy and perform this job in time. Company’s organizational structure is established in order to provide maximum quick and effective cooperation between all teams of the company starting from sales and finishing with realization of projects. Well-coordinated and quick-performed work of the whole company’s personnel is particularly noticeable while performing big corporate projects.
  • Cost To provide the customer with maximum comfort price we have concluded agreements on direct delivery of the main roofing materials with manufacturers in Europe. We are accredited at Customs and import materials by ourselves, namely: copper (Czech, Germany, Finland), zinc-titanium (Holland, France), aluminum (Italy, Holland), galvanized steel with polymeric coating (Germany), roofing membranes (Poland), roofing safety systems (Finland). Some manufacturers of roofing materials have chosen us as an exclusive and main dealer in Ukraine based on sales results (ISCOM, Italy and NedZink, Holland). All these positively affect the costs which are the lowest in Ukraine for some materials (copper, zinc-titanium, aluminum, roofing safety systems). This gives us big advantage in tenders especially in corporate segment where price is quite important. buy celexa online


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