• 08004, Kyiv Region, Makaryv district, Kalynivka, Kyivska str., 107-А
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  • metalroof@metalroof.ua
г. Киев, ул. Чадаева, 2-Б
+38 (044) 362-10-70
  • Customer: “ITEB” LTD
  • General contractor: “ITEB” LTD
  • Total area: 1500 sq.m
  • Roofing type: copper standing seam roofing, copper roofing tile
  • Material: copper (Czech)

Construction of office centre in Kiev city downtown always requires the high quality of works, used materials and terms of installation. Among all roofing companies in Kiev only one fits all requirements mentioned above. This is “Metalroof” company which has great manpower resource, powerful design division and perfect quality. Having great experience in performing this type of projects our specialists created roofing design, coordinated cost of decorative elements and roofing material. This roof is one of the most complicated and beautiful in Kiev. As the building is constructed in the style common to old Vienna, copper standing seam roofing indicates the respectability of this building.

Execution of roofing wooden frame, “roofing cake” and finishing copper roofing (standing seam roofing + roofing tile). Tower top décor is made from copper, metal flashings along attic floor are also copper. Gutter system is hidden, made by “Geberit”. The feature of roofing for this building is a solution to locate a platform for equipment above roofing level abutments of which requires high skill of roofers.

г. Киев, ул. Чадаева, 2-Б
+38 (044) 360-22-25